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01.07.2022 - Zaprti od 15.7. do 8.8.2022


Sporočamo, da bo podjetje Gros zaradi letnih dopustov od 15.7. do 8.8.2022 ZAPRTO
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25.03.2020 - Sušilnice žitaric

Sušenje koruze, pšenice, ajde,....

26.02.2020 - Sušenje sena in bal

Sušilnice sena in bal Gros za pridelavo senenega mleka in senenega mesa---------------

28.08.2014 - Saržno sušenje industrijske konoplje

Sistemi sušenja semen in slame industrijske konoplje.---------------

03.01.2019 - Ventilatorji za odsesovanje žagovine


Odsesovalni ventilatorji za žagovino


Moisture meters Draminski

Bale moisture meter HMM

Advantages of hay and straw moisture tester for Bales

1. The most durable device for measuring hay and straw moisture               available on the market.
2. Allows for a fast reaction when conducting necessary actions to avoid     risk and potential losses resulting from too high moisture level.
3. It is equipped in a transparent LCD display. An option to read the           average, minimum and maximum moisture value for the inspected         batch of hay.
4. The device is equipped in an additional temperature measurement           feature.
5. The probe is made of stainless steel which guarantees durability and       resistance to corrosion. Ergonomically shaped handle helps to                 conduct measurements in a tightly compressed material.
6. Extremely easy to use.
7. Has an option to modify readings.

Technical data:

Lenght of the probe                 56 cm
Connection cable length          140 cm
Dimensions of reader               20.0 x 8.5 x 12.0 cm
Power supply                 1 x 9 V battery, type 6F-22
Battery low indication             Automatic
Display                         LCD, 3.5 digits
Measurement resolution temperature – 1°C, moisture – 0,1%
Temperature compensation Automatic with on/off option

Moisture measuring range                10 – 80 %
Range of temperature measurement     1 – 100 °C;  33.8 – 212.0 °F
Accuracy of temperature measurement ± 1°C
Recommended storage temperature from 5°C to 45°C

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