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01.07.2022 - Zaprti od 15.7. do 8.8.2022


Sporočamo, da bo podjetje Gros zaradi letnih dopustov od 15.7. do 8.8.2022 ZAPRTO
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25.03.2020 - Sušilnice žitaric

Sušenje koruze, pšenice, ajde,....

26.02.2020 - Sušenje sena in bal

Sušilnice sena in bal Gros za pridelavo senenega mleka in senenega mesa---------------

28.08.2014 - Saržno sušenje industrijske konoplje

Sistemi sušenja semen in slame industrijske konoplje.---------------

03.01.2019 - Ventilatorji za odsesovanje žagovine


Odsesovalni ventilatorji za žagovino


Hay drying controler



  • Automatic drying control AG2 provides a reliable and precise operation in all weather conditions.
  • Saves valuable time and is responsible for the proper functioning of the drying fan.
  • Automatic drying control AG2 is easy to use.
  • Standard built-in sensor for measuring humidity and temperature of hay enables economical and safe operation of the drying equipment.
  • Automatic drying control with optional circuit detects phase failure and immediately turns off the fan.
  • Drying control is designed to response to any failure.
  • Interval function is triggered during bad weather.
  • The screen showes the status of drying control humidity and temperature of hay.
  • Automatic drying control can also be used for drying round bale, grain, wheat, herbs and tobacco.
  • AG2 additional module enables the connection of the air heater or heat pump.


  • Saves up to 30% or more on energy because the fan operates when the conditions are favorable for hay drying.
  • It saves valuable time.
  • Economical, reliable and safe operation of the drying equipment.
  • Automatically turn the fan off when  phase failure is reported, this protects drying fan from permanent damage.
  • Automatic notification of errors.
  • Automatic drying control via sensors take into account the weather conditions outside.
  • Company Gros has 45 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering industry.
  • Professional advice and assistance in the use of products Gros.
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